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Sell your home faster and for more money.


  • The cost of staging your home is far less than the
    $10 - 15,000 price reduction when your home sits on the market

  • Position yourself to stand out with today's home buyers and contact Curb To Closet Homestyling to stage your home

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Home Staging
Room Refresh
Landscape Design



“Janet’s approach is so thoughtful. She’s skilled at seeing the most important opportunities to improve a property’s mass appeal. Even more importantly, Janet delivers the suggestions to the owner with tact and clarity. Her gentle demeanor is perfect for diffusing anxious sellers.”

- Ann Cohen, Keller Williams

“Janet consistently demonstrates a strong grasp of design trends and an in-depth understanding of what makes home buyers tick. I appreciate that she delivers these invaluable insights with sensitivity and respect when working with my clients.”

- Deb Kotlarz, Keller Williams

"I worked with Janet to prepare my home, prior to putting it on the market. What’s great about her approach is she combines candor with practicality and humor. She is detail-oriented and brings a buyer-centric perspective to her guidance, with the intent to appeal to prospective home-buyers.

During our session, Janet gave me tips and pointers that I would not have considered---and when I implemented them, I was surprised at the difference they made to our space. Janet also triaged her guidance to help me understand key areas of focus and the impact they would have on our house. This was especially helpful as we were working within a tight timeframe. Overall, I certainly recommend Janet’s services; her guidance has been invaluable."

- Kate Forrestall, staging client

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